Hello everyone,

Actually, this is a post that I have wanted to write for a long time but could not start. I find it difficult to write what was in my mind. There are subjects that I am good at, but “writing” is not one of them. It's been a long time since I stopped fighting to be good in everything. I dedicate myself to what I'm good at, and that makes me very happy. In short; If you are expecting a perfect post I am sorry for that but I can guarantee you for a sincere post.

I am Tuğba, I was born in Istanbul. I am interested in what we call cultural values ​​that have reached the present day, such as the cultures, art and history of Istanbul and Anatolia, their traditional roots, and oriental details. I graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Traditional Turkish Handicrafts. As you can understand, I graduated from a school and department just for me and as a student of the well-versed names of their subject. After deciding on my profession, I have been improving myself with vocational training.

If you are courios that why to design jewelry?

My biggest wish is to make people happy. We are creatures who act with their emotions. We can forget many things, but we do not forget how things, events, people make us feel. And I design and produce with the hope of touching people, making them feel happy, witnessing their special days, being a part of their unforgettable memories. That's why I design timeless jewelry and jewelery inspired by stories and dreams. Because jewelry is immortal, timeless, traditional, belongings.

Every piece has a story, every story has a hero.

I'm just a storyteller ..