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Expressing myself in words has not always been easy for me. Sometimes I was incomplete, sometimes I was misunderstood. When I took my pencils and paints in my hand and started to draw, that's when I was exactly me and I found my way. What I drew became clear expressions of myself. Every piece I design, every collection that comes out; I have had sentences that do not consist of words in which I can express my feelings, thoughts and dreams.

I came to a crossroads and made a choice. I packed everything that made me into my backpack, I stepped onto a new road that stretches imperceptibly in front of me, exhausting but sincerely believing that I will be very happy as I walk.

My biggest dream is to make Feel Jewelry a worldwide brand for anyone who lives life by feeling, loves to be happy as much as she/he loves to make others happy, who does not hesitate to show her/his own style, strong, energetic and passionate about life.

I am at the very beginning of the road and only covering a tiny area in this huge world, but I am full, determined and willing to expand this area, to be able to touch more people, to contribute to creating a happier world where happy people live.

Be very happy, make happy and love yourself very much.



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